Michael Ackerman: Stories

“I try to avoid the pitfalls of reality while maintaining a link with it. Photos are not inventions but encounters. I’m not looking for any aesthetic. That everything is haunted will not be completely intentional. But for me, photography is inseparable from the loss. Hence the need to cling to the impossible. Pictures are the only evidence of what has been experienced. But no facts at all. Whether something took place, whether one has had an experience does not mean one has actually known what it is and what it means for himself. This is often the limit of Photography – it does not penetrate. I want to express how I felt. This is the link with reality and experiences. While this is not the case because I guess I’ve not gone far enough in what I have experienced. As for cowardice. Some photos come out of nowhere, I don’t remember having taken them, they are linked to the reality of what I felt. ”

artist’s website

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